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Go Big for Bedding Bass

Ish Monroe January 07,  2015


Everybody has his own ideas about the best baits and approaches for bedding bass, but I’ve had the best luck using the 7-inch Mizmo Ish Tube for fish that weigh more than 5 pounds. I know some guys like to finesse bedding fish or use smaller baits, but my theory is that the bigger the bait, the more irritating it is to the female and the more inclined she’ll be to hit it. It’s like when you’re a kid in a playground; you see other kids your size come and go, and you don’t pay much attention to them. But when an adult stranger comes in, you notice, and it sort of bothers you. Read More @ FLW Outdoors

Ish Monroe's seven secrets to catch big bass

Ish Monroe December 9, 2014


You hear it all the time: Big bass aren’t little bass. That’s true. It’s also useless information. If we’re going to catch bigger bass — and that’s what we all want to do — we need to know how they’re different and formulate a plan to take advantage of those differences.


Over the years I’ve developed some thoughts on how to do that. Here they are…


Fish for Bass During the Pre-Spawn



 The holy grail of bass fishing is during the largemouth pre-spawn. The pre-spawn starts in spring around the time when the water temperature gets to be between 55 to 65 degrees. This is when both male and female bass move to the shallow areas, start aggressively feeding and looking for the best place to nest. Fisherman during this period can actually locate bass right from shore, that's how close they get. This is the best time to get a trophy bass, but remember to catch and release female bass so they can complete their spawn and continue the cycle of life for bass.

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